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 Best Place to Visit in Bhuj

Shri Swaminarayan Temple

Best Place to Visit in BhujThe Swaminarayan Temple of Bhuj is one of the most magnificent temples you will ever come across in this part of the country and one of the Best Place to Visit in Bhuj Since its first brick installation ceremony on 7 May 2003, it has taken 7 years for its completion.

Based on a grand podium, the new temple faces East and is constructed mainly with pure high quality marble. one of the best places to visit in kutch

Expanding a 35,000 sq. feet area, this Temple has 7 sky touching pinnacles. It consists of one central dome, 25 minor domes and 258 pillars. The peripheries, which are beautifully carved into the icy marble of Makrana and Ambaji, give it heavenly beauty, serenity and the divine approach to the temple.

The Gujarat Earthquake of January 2001 destroyed much of the city of Bhuj,

Miraculously the divine idols remained as they were, without any damage whatsoever. With the previous temple being destroyed in the earthquake, this newly built temple boasts of massive architecture with beautiful carvings & design. The fact that the entire temple is made of Marble & Gold.

Kutch Museum

Best Place to Visit in BhujKutch Museum in Bhuj is the oldest museum of Gujarat.It is located opposite Hamirsar Lake in Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat,

India it is also historical icon of kutch and Best Place to Visit in Bhuj

Kutch museum was initially formed as a part of the School of Arts established by Khengarji III, the Maharao of Kutch State. It was founded on 1 July 1877  The museum was earlier known as Fergusson Museum.

At the time of Maharao Khengarji III’s marriage on 19 February 1884 many new items were received and for exhibition of which, a need for new building was necessitated.

As such, on 14 November 1884, the foundation stone for the present museum building was laid by the Governor of Bombay,

Sir James Fergusson and named Fergusson Museum after him by Maharao of Cutch. The building consisting of two floors cost Rs. 320000 at that time.

The museum, constructed in the Italian Gothic style, is located in the picturesque surroundings on the bank of Hamirsar Lake

Just opposite to the Nazar Bagh Garden.It was designed by the state engineer

Mc Lelland and built by local builders known as Mistris of Kutch

The museum remained the preserve of the Maharao of Kutch, till 1948, who showed it only to his personal guests. In those days museum was opened to the public only on important religious occasions it is Best Place to Visit in Bhuj

This museum has almost 11 sections. The archeological section has Indus seals. Different kinds of stone tablets are available also. The painting showing the different vocations of Kutch are on the display. There is also an excellent section which covers classical and musical instruments like Nagfani, Morchang and many others, which are put on the display of the museum.

Thus the museum broadly contains, a picture gallery, an anthropological section, an archeological section, textiles, weapons, musical instruments, a shipping section, and even stuffed animals.

On the ground floor of the museum, in the center room, ‘Airavat’ is displayed. ‘Airavat’ is a carved, wooden, snow white Indian elephant with seven tusks. ‘Airavat’ was prepared in Mandvi in the 18th century, in the worship of Tirthankar. The rest of its body is painted with flowers. The Indian Government issued a postal stamp in 1978, depicting this ‘Airavat’, under the postal series “Treasures of Museum”.

The oldest museum of Gujarat, first museum of India to become online virtual museum in 2010

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